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Potatoes for school

This is one of our favourite learning initiatives for primary schools.  Grow Your Own Potatoes has been running since 2005 and has now become the largest school based growing projects in the UK.  It is aimed at primary schools children, helping them to learn where potatoes come from, how they grow and what makes them a healthy food.

2015 registration is now open.  Schools that register receive a free growing kit which contains everything you need to grow a successful potato crop.  There are also plenty of teaching resources online to help you make the most of the educational value of the competition.

The competition challenges you to grow the heaviest crop.  This year’s national prize is a Marmax Junior Octobrunch Rainbow bench for the heaviest crop of Rocket potatoes and seven regional prizes of Junior Rainbow Sturdy benches for the heaviest regional variety.

Have we convinced you to sign up?

Visit the Grow Your Own Potatoes website.


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