A great opportunity for young people to address a problem in their local community

The O2 Think Big programme gives funding and training to young people with great ideas to help their local community. Bold and creative ideas are welcomed – it’s whatever you need to do to bring about positive social change.

Who can apply?

It is open to young people aged between 13 and 25. Individuals and groups can apply.

What is the funding offer?

You can apply for a grant of £300 and receive training and support to help your idea become a success.

If your project is successful, you have the chance to bid for additional funding of up to £2,500. The idea is to start small, think big.

Funding can be used for:

  • Materials & Equipment integral to the project
  • Cost of renting space
  • Transportation
  • Advertising
  • Professional fees for people to teach skills needed for your project.

How do I apply?

You can apply online.

There are four application rounds this year:

  • 16th January 2015 to 11th March 2015
  • 1st April 2015 to 10th June 2015
  • 1st July 2015 to 9th September 2015
  • 30th September 2015 to 11th November 2015.

What makes a successful application?

A successful application will communicate an idea as a project – that is, you will show what exactly you will do (e.g. what, where, when, how), why you are doing it (what problem you have identified and how you are tackling it) how you will spend the funding and what positive difference you will make.


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