2014-07-14 15.32.37Grants for breakfast: the most important meal of the day.

There has been a lot of talk recently in the media about children turning up to school hungry. The absence of a nutritious breakfast can impact negatively on a child’s behaviour, concentration and learning experience. In response, many schools are looking to set up or to sustain breakfast clubs to provide children with a healthy start to the school day.

Don’t let a lack of funding or expertise in running a breakfast club stand in your way. There are organisations that exist to help UK schools set up, run and sustain breakfast clubs. Here’s a few to get you started.

1. Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast, a UK charity, currently helps over 8,500 children access breakfast in primary schools across the country. They support schools by providing free breakfast food. They also give schools guidance on becoming self-sufficient so that the breakfast club continues to sustain itself for years to come.

The eligibility criteria for support has recently changed. Currently, schools in England with over 35% Free School Meals can apply to Magic Breakfast for assistance. Full details can be found on the Magic Breakfast website.

2. Greggs Breakfast Club Programme

Greggs has been supporting school breakfast clubs since 1999. It currently oversees 270 clubs across the UK.

To be eligible to apply for funding, you need to be a primary school in England, Wales or Scotland, and have at least 40% Free School Meals. Your breakfast club must be offered for free to ensure all pupils can attend and you should be able to demonstrate parental engagement.

3. Healthy Schools London

Brought to you by the Mayor of London, this is an online resource that helps schools set up and run a breakfast club. You can access free materials and case studies.

There are, of course, other local charities and local businesses that are willing to support schools by donating breakfast food or helping with running costs. It’s just about identifying the right one and putting together a strong, well evidenced case for support.


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