BooksThe Foyle Foundation has a fantastic grant programme just for UK state schools to help them create a new or develop an existing school library. You can apply for a grant of up to £10,000.

About the Foyle Foundation

The Foyle Foundation has its roots in literary London; William Foyle and his brother founded the family owned bookshop Foyles in Charing Cross Road. The Foundation was established following the death of William’s daughter, Christina, according to the terms of her will. It now exists to support projects in the performing and visual arts fields as well as projects centred on learning through museums, archives and libraries.

How do they help schools?

The Foyle Schools Library Programme is open to state schools in the UK that have identified a need for library funding. You can apply for a grant of up to £10,000. Priority will be given to applications for reading books. You can also apply for funding for library software, ICT equipment and furniture in order to create a functional library space, but this must make up a small proportion of the funds requested. Text books and curriculum books will not be funded.

Why do we like this grant?

What’s great about the Foyle Foundation is that it recognises there is no statutory requirement for schools to have a library. It also understands that many schools are facing tough budgetary constraints. They sincerely want to help schools support pupils’ reading and raise literacy levels.

What makes an outstanding application?

1. First of all, you’ve got to communicate a purpose. How have you identified a need for funding and what difference is it going to make to your pupils?

2. Are you thinking about sharing this resource with other schools or groups? If so, make sure you give detail of your relationships and emphasis how others will use the resource and benefit from it.

3. Think about how you can support the library over the long term. The Foundation will want their investment to make a difference for years to come.

4. Make sure you follow the rules on what can and can’t be funded. Remember, curriculum books and text books will not be supported and the majority of funds you request must be spent on reading books.

5. Don’t ask for more funding than you need. Work out a detailed budget and include this in your application.

What next?

More information is available on the Foyle Foundation website. You can find the guidance notes here and a copy of the application form. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Good luck!

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