A new round of funding has opened

Sport England is now accepting applications for Round 4 of the Community Sport Activation Fund. It supports projects that are led by community demand and need for sport.

Who can apply?

  • Fully constituted clubs, associations or trusts.
  • Community amateur sports clubs (CASC).
  • Local authorities, eg county councils, metropolitan district councils and district councils.
  • Local education authorities.
  • Foundation schools or colleges (although run by the local education authority, the school retains control over admissions, employment of staff, land and buildings).
  • Voluntary aided or controlled school (although financed and maintained by the local education authority, the school’s assets are held and administered by trustees).
  • Independent school or college (a school or college for fee-paying students that does not receive a government grant).
  • Further and Higher Education institutes.
  • Parish and town councils.
  • Community Interest Companies (CICs).
  • National governing bodies (NGB).
  • Private sector businesses providing they can demonstrate that profits are ring fenced and not for private gain.
  • Industrial Provident Societies.

What projects will be funded?

A wide range of projects will be considered, including:

  • Activities reflecting a broad range of sports
  • Informal opportunities which could lead to regular participation
  • Multi-sport activities which provide people with a range of choices and opportunities to suit them
  • Family orientated activities with a focus on the 14+ age group
  • Local activator roles that focus on directly organising and delivering new opportunities for participation.

What is the funding offer?

You can apply for funding for up to three years.

Grants will range from £50,000 to £250,000.

There is an expectation that you should be able to contribute partnership funding that is at least one third of the total project costs. At least half of this partnership funding must be financial; the other half may be contributed as ‘in-kind’.

However, if the substantial majority (80% or more) of the targeted participants for your project live in local authority ward areas with an English Indices of Deprivation (IMD) score of 25 or higher then you may apply without partnership funding.

What makes a successful application?

First of all, you’ve got to identify community demand for sport, say what this demand is and how you know it exists and show how you will address this demand through your project.

Second, your project needs to focus on a clearly defined geographical area and community.

Third, projects that include local partners working together to deliver and help fund the project are welcomed.

Fourth, you need a clear and robust delivery plan. This shows that you’ve done the hard work planning how its going to work and what it looks like.

Finally, you need realistic but ambitious numbers for increasing and sustaining once a week participation. How are you going to make a difference?

How do I apply?

There is an online application portal which can be accessed via the Sport England website. Here you’ll also find guidance notes and FAQs which must be read before you put pen to paper.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on 20th April 2015.


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