We love helping schools take their fundraising to the next level. Our workshops are designed to inspire you. We share our expertise and practical knowledge on school fundraising and bid writing. Each workshop is tailored to your requirements.  So whether you’re new to bid writing or a seasoned school fundraiser, we’ve got something for you that will challenge you and motivate you to achieve more.

1. On Your Marks: Fundraising Skills Workshop

This workshop is a comprehensive guide for school fundraising and bid writing. It is ideal for individuals new to school fundraising or as a refresher for those looking for new ideas and inspiration. We’ll get you ready for fundraising by developing a fundraising culture in school and let you in on our secrets of effective grant searching and bid writing. We’ll also show you how to research and evidence your project so you bid stands out from the crowd.

2. Ready for Funding: Bid Writing Workshop

This workshop takes you through the fundamental steps for successful school bid writing. Starting with your funding ideas, we’ll show you how to develop them into fundable projects. We’ll take you through the stages of planning, budgeting, researching and evidencing your project to ensure that you have all the information you need to write a winning big. Next, we’ll discuss the key components of a bid and how to write effectively and persuasively. We’ll show you some inspiring before and after examples of successful bids so you know the pitfalls to avoid and the right techniques to use. Then, we’ll get you to put pen to paper and start your own funding bid, live during the workshop. This is a great opportunity to sound off your ideas and get your bid reviewed by us, face to face.

Workshop size and pricing

We can hold small group workshops to large group presentations. We’re flexible to meet your needs. It’s best to give us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements and price.