We’ll plan, research and write a funding application for your project – entirely from scratch.

How does it work?

For our bid writing service, we’ll begin by giving you a call to discuss the details of your project idea. We’ll also use this opportunity gather useful information about your school. We find that this conversation is invaluable for inspiring creative ideas about your project. It will also help to explore how it fits with your school’s vision for the future as well as your current strengths and interests.

We’ll research and develop your idea into a fundable project and match it with funds available. The next step is to start writing your bid, which we do from scratch. To do this, we gather together what you’ve told us and what we’ve researched to put forward an outstanding case for funding. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re happy with the bid. When completed, we’ll submit the bid on your behalf.

The key to success here is knowing what makes a successful project and how to write about it compellingly in a grant application. This is where we excel in helping schools achieve their funding goals so let us help you.

Most importantly, you get to keep 100% of any grant that you win.

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